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Qtum - BitConnect

EOS - Raiden Network Token

NEM - Iota

Factom - NEO

Golem - MonaCoin

Lisk - Monero

Stellar Lumens - Stratis

TenX - Dash

Waves - MaidSafeCoin

Bitcoin - Ethereum

Komodo - Dogecoin

OmiseGO - Augur

Cardano - Hshare

Steem - Populous

Ripple - Bytecoin

Decred - Ethereum Classic

Bitcoin Cash - Tether

Power Ledger - Ardor

Zcash - Ark

Litecoin - BitShares

you get points for each correct pick. The player with the most points wins

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Need to do some research?

We have links to market information about all the cryptos in our matches.

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